Mit den folgenden Hinweisen können die meisten Probleme gelöst werden, die bei der Auftragung von Bornitrid-Schlichten auftreten können:





Coating peels.

Coating is too thick.

Dilute coating so that the layer thickness does not exceed 100µm.

Coating does not adhere on the surface.

Bad surface conditions.

Clean and degrease surface, perhaps grit blasting, warm surface prior to application to 100-150°C.

Further layers do not stick on the first layer.

First coating is not yet completely dried.

Extend drying time, remove loose particles and coat again.

Exfoliation and cracking.

Coating is too thick.

Dilute coating in such way that thinner layers can be applied.

Cloudy, uneven application when spraying.

Coating is not stirred up, spray gun is led jerkily not homogenious.

Stirr coating or use mixer. Pull even courses with spray gun.


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